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Fully Automatic Waste Plastic To Fuel Machine 280KWH / Ton Power OS-66T

Good quality Waste Plastic To Diesel Machine for sales
Good quality Waste Plastic To Diesel Machine for sales
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Fully Automatic Waste Plastic To Fuel Machine 280KWH / Ton Power OS-66T

China Fully Automatic Waste Plastic To Fuel Machine 280KWH / Ton Power OS-66T supplier

Large Image :  Fully Automatic Waste Plastic To Fuel Machine 280KWH / Ton Power OS-66T

Product Details:

Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: OURSUN
Certification: GS CE
Model Number: OS-66T

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 20T/DAY
Delivery Time: 90 work days
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Detailed Product Description
Key Words: Plastic To Fuel Conversion Process Function: Continuous Pyrolysis Plant
Certification: SGS CE GS Power: 280KWH / Ton
Model: OS-66T Oil Ratio: Between 50% To 90%

Fully Automatic Waste Plastic To Fuel Machine 280KWH / Ton Power OS-66T



Main raw material: PP, PE and PS.


Power required: around 280KWH / Ton


Daily capacity to process waste plastic: between 10 tons to 500 tons


Oil ratio: between 50% to 90% according to the different raw materials



Our plant adopts the latest pyrolysis technology, and have obtained several patents and certificates after decades of innovation and development. It has been widely recognized at home and abroad, with superior performance, competitive price, high efficiency, maintenance convenience and cost saving.


Our skilled professionals will supply customers with optimal all-in-one solutions required on civil drawings, installation & erection,supervision,

commissioning and personnel training as well as after-sale service.



The 4 final products we get after pyrolysis and distillation. And the usages of them is below.

1- The refining oil

(1) diesel oil (0# or 5#)

It contains 75 - 80% for all oil. And it can be used in forklift and other engineering truck, vessel, generator and etc.

(2) gasoline oil

It contains around 20% for all oil. And it can be as car oil after blending with oil of higher octain value in 1:1, or it used in gasoline generator directly.

2- Gas

It will be reused. (The combustible gas generated in processing can be recycled as fuel to heat equipment itself, which will save a lot of energy for the whole plastic pyrolysis process.)


3- Water

It will be reused as condensation water.


4- Slag

It can be made active carbon and carbon rod or combustion alongwith coal and carbon.



Source of old plastic atmospheric cracking production fuel project

It is a great invention of mankind at the beginning of the last century - the extraction of plastic from petroleum. The invention of plastic has brought great convenience to human society. The wide application of plastics involves almost every aspect of people's daily work, life and entertainment.

Plastics are so widely used, and there are also more and more plastic wastes (such as plastic packaging tapes, boxes, beverage bottles, convenience bags, woven bags, toys, electrical enclosures, agricultural mulch, etc.), which have caused serious environmental pollution. How to eliminate the pollution of plastics to the environment and turn waste into treasure is a difficult problem that relevant researchers have been working hard to solve, and it is also a problem that governments around the world pay more attention to.

The scientific and technical personnel of Anhui Aosheng Resources Utilization Company have found that there are several ways to deal with waste plastics through large number of market surveys, but there are still great shortcomings:

  • Regeneration granulation method: Although this method is simple in process and low in equipment input cost, its main disadvantage is strict requirements on raw materials. Different kinds of plastics need to be sorted and cleaned, and the waste materials that are particularly dirty are almost impossible to use, such as plastic convenience bags in domestic garbage and waste plastics in recycled paper mills. Due to the wide variety of plastics, such as the quality, nature, size and color of used plastics, it is determined that it is impossible to use mechanical equipment for accurate sorting. Therefore, it can basically be sorted by manual. This sorting requires a large amount of manpower input, so the labor cost is relatively large. The economic benefits are poor. The cleaning requires a lot of water, which is easy to cause water pollution and waste, so the social benefits are poor.


  • Garbage plastic incineration power generation method: This method was adopted by many developed countries earlier. Later, people found that this method is not the most ideal method, because there are many drawbacks, and pollution to the atmosphere is one of its drawbacks. In addition, the equipment input cost is huge, the equipment operating cost is high, so the economic benefits are poor. If the government does not subsidize, the market will not be able to promote it.



  • Garbage plastic landfill: Although this method is well known, it has neither economic benefits nor social benefits. It occupies land, is buried in the ground for several hundred years without decay, and has serious pollution to the land.


  • Cracking of waste plastics to produce fuel: This method is theoretically a better treatment because plastics are produced by means of polymerization of petroleum products. If plastics can be turned into petroleum products by cracking, then It is a very good way. This technology has invested huge amounts of money in this research work as many experts and government agencies at home and abroad in the 1970s. However, due to the high technical difficulty and the large investment in R&D, most of such equipment on the market is likely to cause serious secondary pollution due to imperfect technology. The quality of fuel produced is not up to standard, energy consumption is large, and economic benefits are realized. With poor and security risks, it is difficult to promote popularization.


How to safely and completely eliminate the pollution of plastics to the environment, turn waste into treasure, and truly use it effectively. Moreover, it will not produce secondary pollution, and can obtain more lucrative economic returns from the control of environmental pollution. The true social and economic benefits are the goals that Anhui Aosheng Resources Utilization Company has been pursuing. Through more than ten years of efforts and numerous trials by our researchers, we have finally solved various problems in the process of producing waste fuel from waste plastics.

At the same time, we have summarized the investment of similar equipment abroad, large floor space, complicated structure, cumbersome operation, high production cost, strict raw material requirements, high energy consumption, low thermal efficiency, thick carbon deposit in the kettle, and heavy oil. Based on the lack of economic benefits and other defects, after repeated research and review of large number of domestic and foreign related materials, combined with the structural characteristics of China's manufacturing of chemical machinery and equipment, on the basis of numerous experiments, successfully developed a low cost for popularization in various countries. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, small occupied area, low energy consumption, low production cost, small investment, wide source of raw materials, fast return on investment, and high-quality fuel oil, and “environmental energy-saving waste plastics atmospheric cracking equipment”. The equipment fully utilizes the flammable gas generated by itself to heat, avoiding a large amount of electricity consumption expenses of the electric heating equipment, and fully utilizing the comprehensive utilization of resources.



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